Hi! 👋

Back to blogging again. You are welcome to follow me on my journey through various tech topics.

Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

It is kind of a tradition for me to open, close and reopen blogs. May 2021 just feels right to start over again.

I love to write and express my thoughts in text. But I don’t enjoy running a blog very much from a technical point of view. I also don’t enjoy fiddling around with static site generators and so on. Basically, I want Medium without Medium. Just a plain blog, decent typography and a great to use backend for editing.

It’s a WordPress with the theme McLuhan again. This time running on a Droplet hosted by Digital Ocean and hardened by someone with more experience than I have with WordPress.

Topics will be the same as always – Tech, Tech, Tech, sometimes a review and from time to time a personal post or a little rant. But the plan is to keep out all the non-tech topics. I want to keep this blog kind of a safe space for me, where all the stress at work, the pandemic, politics and so on are far away.

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