Here we go again…

… with a new blog and a new take on writing more.

I have already had a blog running several times. Several times also with WordPress. And then, at some point, I usually didn’t want to do it anymore. But that was never because of the writing, but mainly because of technical issues. Hacked WordPress. Unavailable servers. No desire to run a server. Etc. And each time, shortly after shutting down the blog, that feeling sets in that something is missing – the writing.

It took a few attempts to realise this. Another realisation that has only recently taken hold is that for me, this was about reflection, writing down and never about outreach. Yes, until this realisation I once had the crazy idea that I’d like to make it to 1 on Hacker News. A bit silly in hindsight, wasn’t it? The last WordPress instances always had sophisticated stats plug-ins running too. I used YoastSEO for optimising the texts. Looking back, I have to smile about that.

This time I think I know a little better what I want. So the blog is minimal, uses exactly three plug-ins, is hosted at Uberspace, any stats and logs are disabled. It also fits perfectly with the minimalism trip I’m on at the moment. I’ve uninstalled all to-do apps, deleted any software projects on the subject and have been using a bullet journal exclusively for a good 2 months. When it comes to software development, I am on the verge of losing my heart to Go, which inspires me more every day with its simplicity. Simplicity is currently a very desirable state for me.

Here we go again! Let’s see where the journey takes us.