📔 Week Notes for Week 19: Kiss the Frog

The “kiss the frog” statue placed near a hiking trail. Currently it wears a self-made crown by someone.

The first week of vacation is almost over, and I already feel way less stressed and worn out than in the last few weeks. Had some quality time with my wife working in our garden, went on a short hiking tour to visit the “kiss the frog” spot, met with friends to celebrate my wife’s birthday and spent most of the time away from the keyboard.

It surprised me, how much my mind appreciates being in the woods. It already started to build up that internal pressure, that I want to go for a walk every day. Good development, hopefully I can keep up to it when being back at work.


  • I switched the package management tools for django-tailwind-cli, my take on a Django-Tailwind-integration, from Poetry to a more plain approach with Pip/uv and flit. It feels slicker and performs better during local development and testing. I also introduced nox as a test runner. Nox is a real improvement for me over tox.
  • I created django-startproject, a simple template for fresh Django projects with all the dependencies included, that I love to use and preconfigured to use the single folder layout for the project. This template embraces just, direnv and pip/uv.


  • On Vivaldi — A post that describes my current Vivaldi setup and what things I use and what not. Since posting this a week a go, I have switched back to the standard speed dial of Vivaldi again. First off, I want to support them by using the affiliate links to Amazon and Booking.
  • Modding Vivaldi — I love user interfaces with the bare minimum of buttons. I only wish to see buttons I really use. This post described how to clean up the address bar of Vivaldi.
  • Against the commercial internet — A great and inspiring article by Cory Dransfeldt about the current state of the internet and with a punch for the upcoming AI-industry. Even though I see benefits by utilizing services, I also see the dark sides. It makes me think harder about this and what I am building with my team at work.
  • Passkeys: A shattered dream — I love passkeys, but I see everything that is described in the article coming or being present. And I also see that passkeys are not the easy to grasp experience they were planned to be. Hopefully, we can turn this around, or we see a good approach ruined by commercial silos.
  • AngryGF: AI chatbot for men to help deal with an angry girlfriend — I am not sure, what made me outrage about the article most. Men are unable to talk to their partner? Men actually believe an app, might help in soothing an angry partner? Someone can charge €7 a week for this nonsense? If we need apps to help us to figure out how to communicate, we should simply dump ourselves.


I learned about the wonderful terms slop and slom for unwanted LLM generated content. Personally, I like slom a bit more, as it points out the connection to spam content.


This is a funny add by Apple that made me smile.

Click image to watch the video on YouTube.