📔 Week 22: Live is like a Rollercoaster

Foto von Michael Barnes auf Unsplash

Last week I forgot to write week notes completely. This week I felt the strong urge to skip them by intention. But I want to keep up with my goals. Even if I write something short.

Currently, live is like a very fast rollercoaster. Everything is safe. But it is moving at almost insane speed. Hopefully, after our customer day on Thursday and the business trip the week after, things get a bit calmer again.

However, I found the time to end my race to find the perfect browser for me — Safari is good enough. You might have other requirements, but for mine, Safari is still the best choice. I love to be in that silo. The silo with the apples is nicer than the other big tech silos. Besides, I also took the inspiration to kick out all ad blockers in the browsers and totally rely on a tweaked Next DNS setup.

I also found some time to add Embetty to my blog. It is a self-hosted service, that provides privacy enhanced embeds for YouTube and so on. It provides nicer embeds for Mastodon like the following.

As outlined in the Mastodon post above, I have merged my accounts on social.tchncs.de and the one on Fosstodon. Nothing is wrong with Fosstodon. But for me, it was too much “stress” to manage two accounts.

The re:publica took place this week. Once again, I didn’t make it in person. But I enjoyed the live streams and compiled a large list of videos that I want to watch someday. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend one that particularly impressed and reached me. Perhaps because I am also nominally part of the neurodiverse spectrum, and yet I struggle with the term. However, André Frank Zimpel’s talk explained so impressively why AI needs neurodiversity and how much AI can help neurodiverse people. I can’t really put into words all the impulses that this video has triggered. I will have to watch it a few more times. Sadly, it is only available in German.

re:publica 2024: André Frank Zimpel – KI und Neurodiversität (YouTube)