Safari Is Good Enough

I am not sure how all this started and how it ended in a wild browser roulette. Some weeks ago, I felt the desire to use a different browser because Safari was really slow in some situations, and I was really annoyed by the process of writing an extension for it.

I tried Vivaldi. I tried Chromium. Likewise, I even tried Brave. I tried to love Firefox, but it is eating memory like there is no tomorrow after a while.

Basically, all were fine, if you tweaked them enough — some more, some less. But all felt not quite right to me. I think I missed my beloved reader mode most. (No, none of the solutions in other browsers can compete with the slick design of Safaris reader mode. Sorry.) And I would rather not have a world dominated by Chromium, especially after Google decided to finally kill ad blockers in Chromium.

I was so annoyed of the situation, but then I remembered this wonderful post by Joan Westenberg. She is 100% right about that. Safari is good enough.

And by chance, I also found out why Safari was so slow when I configured it again. Adguard for Safari was slowing it down. From my perspective, avoid it and use a service like Next DNS instead. Without it, Safari was snappy again, and scored results in that are comparable to what I get with Chrome on my machine.

I could have saved myself a lot of time, when I would have found this earlier. On the other hand, I learned a lot about browsers again.