About me

Hi, I'm Oliver - a software developer from Koblenz with a passion for code, coffee, punk rock and a good conversation. I earn my bread and butter as CTO at alfa Media, where we develop software solutions for the media industry. Other than that, I try my best to be the best husband and a good cat dad.


Be a simple kind of man
Be something you love and understand

I don't believe in pompous mottos and slogans, but these two lines from the song Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd are a good motto for life.

The blog

This is my writing blog and everything I'd like to write about will end up here. Lots of technology and software development for sure. Bullet Journaling will also be a topic. I'll try to offer every article in German and English, but it could well be that some articles will only be published in one language at a time. I will also mirror some of the English-language technology articles to dev.to.


Besides this blog, you can find me in a few other places on the internet:

You can find me on my own Mastodon instance 2pxnl.de. For "business stuff" I have the obligatory profiles at LinkedIn and Xing, even though I don't see the benefit of these networks for me. I host code at GitHub and Codeberg. Reblog sometimes to dev.to. And I once had a Twitter account.

Finally, a word about my two "assistants":

The Pair-Programming Boys

Cat owners know this. You don't do anything anymore without your dear four-legged friends. In my home office routine, this means that I have two pomodoro timers who provide regular breaks, creative disruptions and the necessary balance. They are not averse to IT topics. They offer themselves as partners for Rubber Duck Debugging. They also like bullet journals. Printer maintenance is in the best hands with them. And in some video conferences they have taken an active part.