Killing my Amazon Account

Let's give it a try if I can live without an Amazon account.

Today I watched the tv documentation Datenkrake Amazon on ZDF. It summed up how much data Amazon collects to get a full understanding of their customers. The experts even said that Amazon might know more about us, then we do.

They raised nothing new, and I wasn’t shocked at all. But it reminded me of a road trip last year when I heard a podcast by Katharina Nocun where she summed up the analysis of the data collected by Amazon about herself. Back then, I was a bit shocked by the amount of data they collect and what information they can derive from it, and I thought about exiting Amazon completely but forge to actually do it. Now I want to try it for real and test if I miss something in the next 90 days. I am sure that my wife will finally think that I turned crazy.

Step 1: Delete all the apps

Such projects have to start with immediate action, or they will fail. So I deleted all Amazon apps from all my devices. The only one that remains is the Amazon Prime Video app on our Apple TV. I have to discuss this step with my wife first.

Deleting the app

Step 2: Find alternatives

I only order a few essential things from Amazon regularly. So I have to find an alternative shop for these items. 

  1. Cat food my two boys enjoy to eat. They are a bit picky about food.
  2. Band-aid and gauze compress.
  3. International books: My local bookstore charges between 20-60% on top of the prices I would expect. Maybe I just have to accept this and support my local bookshop.
  4. Shoes and clothes: Living on large feet and being a big guy,  it is not that easy to find a shop with a decent selection of offerings.
  5. Stationery: I expect this to be the most challenging task. Amazon more or less killed all the stationery online sellers I used some years ago. I haven’t found any online dealer besides Amazon that sells my beloved Rhodia dotBook.
  6. Computer gadgets: The same applies to small computer gadgets like foldable stands for my laptop. I have no idea yet how to cover this. Maybe I find out that I am only buying useless stuff and can save some money now.
  7. Can I live without AWS Resources as a developer?
  8. Do we as a family actually use Amazon Prime Video? Or is it just an option we keep to not miss anything our friends are watching?

Step 3: Set a Goal

As mentioned above, I want to try this for 90 days and see how complicated this gets. I am pretty sure you will read some tweets about this project on my twitter account. And after the 90 days I will post a summary here, too.