Meeter & ToothFairy – two essential tools for remote working

For us, tech people and office workers a lot has changed in recent months. Remote working is everywhere. In this post, I like to talk about my two favourite tools for remote work on macOS: Meeter and ToothFairy.


As most office workers these days, I work most of the time remotely, connect with my teams via Microsoft Teams, join an online training using Zoom, meet with a partner on Google Hangouts and use some other tool with a customer. I love that except one task, that is always annoying: find the link to join the meeting.

And exactly here Meeter is the best solution I found on macOS.

It provides an elegant menubar app, that parses your schedule, extracts all the remote meeting links for almost every tool you can imagine and presents you a slick list from where you can join a meeting with a single click. Game changer! It also provides desktop notifications and lets you add items to a quick call list.

It is available for macOS and iOS. You can use it for free. But immediately as it offered a Pro upgrade with more features, I bought it. I don’t need any of these features, I guess. But I want to support the developer and thank him for his work.


Meeter solved one annoying aspect of online meetings and remote work for me. ToothFairy addresses the other.

I am an Apple Fanboy, so I am using AirPods along with my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. AirPods are just perfect as a headset and also as a headphone. But if you have more than one device you connect them to, they are always connected to the wrong one. Especially if you have all of your devices on your desk.

ToothFairy lets you configure menubar apps, that let you connect or disconnect your BlueTooth devices with a single click. If you attend 4-6 online meetings, have 3-4 phone calls and have to switch devices often, you will love such a handy tool.

It is available for macOS. It is not a free app, but also worth the money and time saved by using it.

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash