Weeknotes WK 46: Releasing my first Elixir module and on breaking habits

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Let’s start by talking about breaking habits. I wanted to write at least a short post every week, to sum up, my week. Sadly, I wasn’t in the mood to write in the last two weeks: too much stress, too many appointments during the week, too many different topics to follow. And at least in the week of Next.js conference, it was good that I didn’t comment on the keynote.

Besides all the workload, I was at least able to work a bit on Jocasta, my “soon” to be released read-it-later service. I did some in-depth research on phx.gen.auth and implemented it based on the wonderful post by leanpanda. In the end, I decided to stick with powauth as described in my own blog post. I feel a bit uneasy with a solution that is based on code generation instead of an external library. And pow assent is another good argument because I want to add different authentication providers to Jocasta too. Implementing all this by hand, it is not a very smart solution.

I also extended my Elixir knowledge a bit more and released my first small Elixir project on hex. My baby is named svg_sprites and provides a simple helper to embed SVG sprites inside a Phoenix.HTML template. Coming from Python – the packaging hell – I really enjoyed the whole process of creating the package, defining the dependencies, creating the documentation and publishing all of that in single easy step. The whole packaging experience is just awesome in Elixir land. This motivates me to release code to the public.

As an Apple fanboy, I switched over to a new shiny iPhone Pro 12. Before that, I had an 11 Pro Max, but the new screen size of 6,1″ is just perfect for me. Of course, I also installed Big Sur on the release date or at least I tried to until the platform issues at Apple stopped me. After completing the process early in the morning, I have to admit – I love Big Sur! I like the fresh design and UX changes.

In the end, I want to return to the starting topic – breaking habits. Most of us office workers are working from home because of the pandemic. During the last vacation end of September, I had developed a nice habit to go for a walk every day. This habit had come to a halt when I started to work again. Sadly, I need some reason to walk from A to B. I can’t just stroll around. After I have successfully implemented a routine to train my muscles with a sling trainer twice a week, I have to do something for my fitness too. I have agreed with my wife that she will give me daily tasks that force me to walk.

Another habit I want to reactivate again – listen to podcasts. Before the pandemic I had at least some business trips during the week, that let me listen to podcasts in the car regularly. Working from home and relying on smartphone apps, it didn’t work at all. I switched back to the Apple Podcasts app so that I can listen to podcasts on my laptop. This seems to work much better. Just a small change, but a nice result.

Talking about next week – it will be awesome. I will mostly do software development and integrate a partner system into our solution: less management and more coding.