📔 Week notes for week 18: A week to mostly forget

Last week before a two-week holiday. A bank holiday in the middle. Not the best combination for a calm week. On Monday, I went from Koblenz to Munich and back again for an important and, luckily, very positive meeting. But 12 hours on a train are not as relaxing as one might expect it to be. Tuesday, we had to take the decision to skip an entire release of a product and postpone it for a month. The rest around the bank holiday on Wednesday was a breathless week. If I was not ready for a vacation yet, now I am.

Besides that only some triggers were pushed by other people, that might end up in a longer blog post (or not).

Bastian Allgeier, creator of Kirby CMS, shared an opinion that resonates well with me. We also tried all of these tools, and we came to the same conclusion. I have the desire to go a bit more into detail, so this might be a good fit for a blog post. I also want to get into a discussion about the topic.

Last week, I mentioned that I have switched to Firefox after getting frustrated by Safari and the 1password extension for it. On the last weekend, Jeff Triplett shared a post to motivate us all to kick out Google Chrome and mentioned he switched to Vivaldi.

🔥 Drop Google Chrome and try out Vivaldi for a week, I dare you

As I said before, I had a good 12 hours on the train on Monday. I had nothing else to do, so I spent a fair amount of the time configuring and tweaking Vivaldi, which I had already installed on Sunday. After switching off a lot of the built-in functionality, adding some extensions and fixing the keyboard shortcuts, I was happy. I have been using this setup for a whole week now, and I am impressed. Again, a good topic for a blog post, too.

Now it is time for a walk to relax, calm down and get some fresh air. Maybe I can take a picture and tell a story about the spot named “Küss den Frosch” next week.